Top 5 US-based Graphene Suppliers of 2024 – A curated list

What if I tell you about a material thinner than a single human hair? Feeling surprised? But yes, it’s true. I’m talking about graphene, which is almost 1 million times thinner than a hair. 

You might be familiar with this word. That’s just because it is everywhere around you, even in the sole of your running shoes.

Graphene is just a one-atom thick material. Its honeycomb lattice structure makes it flexible; this is the reason that your shoe sole gets flexibility. On top of that, it is a better conductor of heat and electricity. That’s why we name it 21st-century wonder material. 

And now you might come up with a concern: where to get it from? Alright, there are many graphene suppliers in the market.  The US is a place of innovative ideas and technologies, so we’ll nominate the suppliers of this place to help you get quality graphene.  

In this article, we’ll be counting down the top 5 US-based suppliers of graphene. In the end, you’ll also learn about its applications in major industries.    

What makes a graphene supplier stand out? 

Before we start naming the top suppliers, it’s important to discuss the factors that make a supplier stand out.

  • Quality & Consistency of Graphene Products

Consistency and quality are both equally important. Any compromise in them can destroy the reputation. And in terms of graphene, it’s essential to present both of these qualities. 

Keeping that in mind, the suppliers whose graphene products have quality properties such as thickness, purity, and how well they conduct electricity get higher scores.  

Quality is not about just one time. That means the products must be delivered with the quality properties every time. The consistent quality solutions are the gateway to a good reputation.    

However, a good manufacturer should invest in advanced manufacturing processes to show their quality.    

  • Variety of Graphene Products Offered

Remember the last time you went to a store to buy something but moved to another one. Let me guess why you did that. You didn’t find what you needed. That shows that the first store did not have enough products to satisfy you.   

This scenario fits everywhere. And, of course, in the graphene market, too. The companies that have different graphene products will have a great number of their customers. And as a result, they will be known among customers.    

For that, graphene suppliers should have different graphene products such as powders, films, dispersions, aerogels, and more.  

Having them all also depicts that the supplier has a holistic understanding of graphene to offer solutions to every customer.  

  • Customization options 

Not all research projects or industries need exactly the same type of graphene. A standout supplier understands that what works for one might not work for the other. 

Following that, they offer customization options. This means they can tailor the properties of the graphene, such as the size of the flakes, its conductivity, or its surface chemistry, to meet the specific needs of the customers.   

  • Customer Service & Technical Support   

Technical support is what satisfies the customers, leaving them with no stress. No doubt quality and the rest of the factors mentioned above are too important. But this one can’t be overlooked either.  

Imagine a customer who wants to ask about incorporating graphene into their product design. But there is no one to answer that. This way, the customer will obviously look for the source where they can have every kind of information. 

In that aspect, a great supplier has a technical team to answer every question on the spot. For example, they can let their customers know about what modifications of graphene might be a good fit or troubleshoot any challenges they encounter. 

Also, customer service helps to inform the customer about the delivery process. 

What are the top 5 US-based graphene suppliers of 2024? 

Here is a list of the top 5 suppliers:

  • Graphene Laboratory  

Our list starts with the well-known company in the US. The name of the company suggests that their graphene products are primarily for laboratory applications. 

The products they offer are coronenes, sheets, nanopowders, aerogels, carbon nanotubes, graphene oxide flakes, black carbon, and more.  

Since 2010, they have been proving their mettle as the best manufacturer. Also, their annual sales range approximately from $100 to 249.9 Mil.  With its headquarters in Ronkonkoma, NY, Graphene Laboratory operates under 10-49 employees.   

  • TCI America 

This company was founded in 1984. With decades of experience, they manufacture fine chemicals that play an important role in research and commerce applications. 

Their products include oxidation and reducing agents, benzenes, reagents, antibodies, antioxidants, esters, enzymes, plasticizers and acetylenes.   

With annual sales of $10 – 24.9 Mil, TCI America is a Portland, Oregon-based manufacturer of quality graphene.   

  • ACS Materials 

The third graphene supplier in our curated list is ACS Materials. This company offers single-layer graphene, graphene oxide, graphene nanoplates, carboxyl graphene, graphite oxide, and more. 

This leading company serves more than 10000 companies and universities.  The big names are the University of Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, and WATERLOO. That’s not what they are limited to. They also provide their quality products to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.   

The headquarters of ACS Materials shines in Pasadena, CA. For More Information 

  • Matexcel  

This company shows its best in ceramics, polymers, and metals. Industries like nano-biotechnology and pharmaceutical get huge benefits from Matexcel.

Their products include antimicrobials, bioceramics, graphene sheets, food additives, and more. Plus, they provide machining, testing, additive manufacturing, analytical, and certification services.   

Since 2015, they have been in the business game and have earned a significant number of customers so far. To endorse that, the stats of their annual sales, which are $1 – 4.9 Mil, come as helpful.  

Their headquarters is in Shirley, NY, with 10-49 employees.   

  • Graphene Science   

Our list completes rolling out with the Provo, UT-based company. Though they started their business in 2020, but in these four years, they have outranked many other businesses. 

What is Graphene Science known for? A single-layer graphene.  

Being a manufacturer of single-layer graphene, they have stepped up with annual sales of $1 – 4.9 million. 

What are the applications of the graphene? 

The applications of the graphene span to various industries, such as: 

  • Electronics 

Graphene conducts electricity better than copper. This makes it a real champ for conductors and semiconductors in electronics. And? There will be faster, more powerful devices. 

  • Energy Storage  

What makes you more frustrated when using your phone or laptop? A low-performing battery, right? 

With the emergence of graphene, you won’t face that situation now. Yes, that’s true. In batteries, using graphene could boost how much energy they store and how long they last. 

Moreover, this wonder material can also make supercapacitors hold more energy. 

  • Bioelectronics

As graphene is thinner than hair, it can be used in biosensors to detect tiny amounts of molecules in the body. This could help diagnose diseases such as epilepsy and diabetes easily. 

  • Water Purification

Drinking a polluted can cause severe diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, and dysentery. Using graphene in filters can help in that aspect. It blocks out salt, bacteria, and other impurities entering the water. 

Researchers are developing graphene membranes that could create cleaner and faster water purification systems.    



In conclusion, when it comes to one of the best flexible and strong heat conductors, graphene takes the stage.  With time, it is being used for major industries. They are electronics, energy storage, bioelectronics, and water purification. Due to this reason, many graphene suppliers have appeared.  In this article, I’ve discussed the top 5 suppliers in the US. Contacting them will help you get quality graphene. Thank visiting