Private Equity Career: An overview of Associate job

Several aspiring individuals are aiming for a private equity career for various reasons such as better compensation, good hours for working, and appealing growth. This is the most suitable field for those who possess an interest in operations, investing and are looking for ways to develop value for the organizations in the long run 

The job role in the private equity sector is mainly involved to acquire capital from outside investors, called Limited Partners (LP), and with the help of raised capital to buy other firms, improve them and then sell them to get the returns on their investment. This sector consists of part operational management, part fundraising, and part investing. 


In this article, let’s get a few insights about the private equity career path as an Associate. 


Private equity firms are usually much smaller firms than investment banks and have a correspondingly flatter hierarchy. Entry-level private equity associates can mainly work closely with firm principals and partners throughout the entire process of a deal. The average salary per annum for the Associate is from USD 150K to 300K 

Job role and responsibilities of a private equity associate 

  • The main task of the associate is to offer all analytics needed for the principals and partners to take an insightful decision about a deal.  
  • Common tasks consist of preparing preliminary due diligence reports and modeling growth forecasts based on analytical modeling. 
  • Associates are mainly assigned to the portfolio organizations to monitor and are required to handle the latest financial outcomes.  
  • Confidential Information Memorandum (CIMs) is a kind of documents, which investment banks take help from to offer data, related to latest investment opportunities. 
  • Associates receive the CIMs so that they can thoroughly screen them for potential opportunities that fit within the organization’s framework and give a simple one-page summary for the senior team.  
  • When new funds get generated, associates offer their help with the preliminary fundraising. Whereas senior executives manage the relationship and client interface.   
  • Most private equity associates remain in their positions for two to three years before getting promoted to a senior associate level. 
  • Future roles at a private equity firm could also include Vice President/Principal before rising to Director/Partner.

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Prerequisites to get a job as a Private Equity Associate 

If an individual is looking for a job as a private equity associate, then they are required to possess the following: 

  • Academic credentials like grades, test scores, and university reputation. 
  • Good networking and preparation for the interviews. 
  • Relevant work experience that consists of a sound knowledge of transactions that is mainly focused on deals and analytics. 

Essential Skills to become a Private Equity Associate 

It is very crucial to master skills to get a rewarding private equity career. There are several professionals who with their skillset have reached great heights in their career. The firms usually hire individuals who possess the following skills: 

  • Individuals who are highly attentive to details. 
  • People who focus on achieving more and are willing to work long 
  • Those who are interested in cracking new deals  
  • Who are not afraid of taking risks rather than just investing in public organizations 
  • Shows keen interest in investing and operations 
  • Willing to be a part of long-term projects that include developing a portfolio organization across many years 
  • Use critical thinking to evaluate the organizations rather than just being an agent or just selling 
  • Interested in non-deal work like fundraising and monitoring companies. 
  • Should possess the ability to think critically about investments and companies. 
  • Soft skills to be the best fit for a job. 
  • Must be aware of the latest market and overall economic trends.  

Wrapping Up 

A private equity career as an Associate is a highly rewarding one, both financially and personally. If you want to be a part of this growing industry then brush up on the skills, which will help you to get an amazing job opportunity in a better position. And do the private equity courses that offer great knowledge of the latest industry standards.