Elevate Your Space with Lingel Aluminium and uPVC Windows

Windows and doors play a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a home. When it comes to luxurious and durable doors and windows, mad over metal is proud to be an authorized seller of the renowned Lingel brand.

Lingel’s Legacy of Luxury Doors and Windows

Lingel is synonymous with excellence in door and window manufacturing, with German engineering at its core. The wide-ranging suite of UPVC, aluminium, and American Oakwood doors and windows reflects their craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Why Choose Lingel Aluminium Windows in Hyderabad

Lingel aluminium windows, available through mad over metal, offer a perfect blend of strength and style. Their durability and protective coating ensure longevity while reflecting elegance.

A Spectrum of Finishes to Match Your Style

The customization options available with an impressive range of finishes allow homeowners to complement the unique architectural vision of homes in Hyderabad, adding charm and value.

The Modern Architectural Element

Lingel aluminium windows feature slim profiles that exude contemporary sophistication, maximizing natural light and enhancing views with minimal obstruction.

Advanced Efficiency for Today’s Homes

Lingel has evolved its window designs to meet energy efficiency demands, including high-performance glass units for superior insulation.

Versatility Meets Innovation

Every Lingel window is a testament to versatile design and innovation, catering to personal taste and architectural needs.

The Unbeatable Advantages of Lingel Aluminium Windows

Comfort, functionality, low maintenance, and energy efficiency make Lingel aluminium windows an unrivaled choice in the market.

Redefining Durability and Design with uPVC

Lingel uPVC windows are an ideal choice for those seeking a robust alternative to wood, offering exceptional durability, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance.

Lingel Windows: A Synonym for Quality in Hyderabad

Cost-effectiveness, timeless elegance, and minimal maintenance make Lingel windows stand out in Hyderabad’s architectural landscape.

Energy Efficiency and Ease of Maintenance

Lingel uPVC windows are engineered for optimal energy efficiency while being easy to maintain, providing a perfect combination for homeowners.

Embrace the Lingel Standard with mad over metal

mad over metal is your go-to destination for upgrading your living space with Lingel aluminium & uPVC windows, ensuring unparalleled quality and elegance.


Experience unparalleled quality & elegance by contacting mad over metal. Choosing Lingel’s German craftsmanship through mad over metal guarantees both style & functionality.