Does Spirit Airline have Business Class

Anyone who has flown on Spirit Airlines understands the particular hurdles of traveling with the ultra-low-cost airline: narrow seats that do not recline, no carry-on (just a personal item), and no complimentary snacks or drinks. However, for those prepared to travel light, the airline’s rock-bottom pricing might provide an extremely affordable method to travel by air.


Fortunately, for those seeking a more pleasant Spirit Flight experience, there is an opportunity to upgrade from basic economy class sitting to the Big Front Seat.


What is Spirit Airlines’ Big Front Seat?


These seats near the front of the plane are more spacious and comfy than economy-class seats. They have a 36-inch pitch (with curved seatbacks to accommodate your knees) and an 18.5-inch breadth, giving you 6 inches’ extra legroom than a conventional seat.


Perhaps the most appealing feature is that there is no middle seat on Big Front Seat rows, which means fewer passengers to crawl over (or over you) on long trips. This also ensures that at least one armrest is reserved exclusively for you, and the shared armrest in the center is bigger.


Is there a first class at Spirit?


In brief, no. The Big Front Seat is as near to Spirit Airlines’ first class as you can go, but it misses many of the advantages that are often found in first class cabins. Specifically, physical separation from the economy class cabin, free food or drinks, early boarding, or even free checked luggage.


It’s simply just a larger seat in the front of the plane. They do not even recline (all Spirit seats are “pre-reclined”).


What is the difference between the Spirit Big Front Seat and the exit row seats?


Extra legroom is available in “Spirit first class,” often known as the Big Front Seat, however it is only an inch more than in exit row seats, which are less expensive. In our perspective, this is hardly a significant upgrade on its own.


However, legroom is not the only factor to consider while selecting a seat. There is also the issue of seat width, with Big Front Seats being wider. Furthermore, exit rows are three seats wide, so they will still feel tight.


How much is the Spirit Big Front Seat?


The Spirit Big Front Seat pricing varies depending on where you fly. According to Spirit’s website, upgrades range in price from $12 to $250, which is a wide range. They are accessible to reservations both before and following the time of reservation.


In one flight search from Dallas to Atlanta, upgrading to the Spirit Big Front Seats cost an extra $62 for each direction of travel. In comparison, we were able to upgrade to a Boost It package during the booking process for $69.50. The first choice offers a checked bag, early boarding, and the freedom to choose your preferred seat (which incorporates an exit row seat if accessible).


A shorter flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas resulted in a Big Front Seat upgrade fee of $39 each way, while the Boost It bundle cost $75 one way.


Flights from San Diego to New York-LaGuardia cost $75 for a Boost It bundle and $153 for the Big Front Seat.


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Unfortunately, the only way to find out how much upgrading to these larger seats costs is to go through the booking process.


How to Book the Spirit Big Front Seat?


When making your seat options at checkout for applicable flights, you can choose to upgrade to the Big Front Seat.


You might be wondering if you can utilize Free Spirit Points to upgrade. Sadly, you cannot utilize points to upgrade to a larger seat, including the Big Front Seat. Miles may only be redeemed for the fare component of your flight, so if you need more room, you must pay for it in cash.


Upgraded Free Spirit members can get 12 points for every dollar spent on À La Smarte selections, while elite Gold members can earn 20 points.


Is the Spirit Big Front Seat worthwhile?


Who you ask will determine if upgrading to Spirit’s more roomy seats at the front of the plane is worthwhile. If you want a truly first-class experience, the Big Front Seat’s services and facilities will disappoint you.


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However, if all you desire is a more comfortable travel experience on a lengthy journey, with greater legroom and elbow space, the Big Front Seat will not disappoint. It’s more spacious, more comfortable, and will most certainly cost less than even business class trips on other non-budget airlines, allowing you to fly in style without blowing your budget.