Different Types Of Cardboard Boxes For Jewellery

Jewellery is a precious asset for women which they take utmost care of. Therefore, people not just take care of the cleaning and evaluation process from time to time, but they also make sure that the jewellery pieces are packed properly in cardboard boxes which are strong and sturdy and protect the jewellery from all possible damage. It is true that jewellery is a luxurious and delicate item and if not packed properly, it may get damaged easily, therefore, special cardboard boxes are designed for jewellery pieces to keep them safe and secured. Some of the common characteristics of these boxes are, they are strong, robust, sturdy and durable. Apart from that they are customisable, flexible, versatile, sustainable and eco-friendly. These boxes are available in different sizes, therefore, jewellery of different sizes can fit in very easily. Hence, if you look for “cardboard boxes near me” to keep your jewellery safe and secured, make sure that the boxes come with at least all the common characteristics which are mentioned above.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the different types of cardboard boxes which you can use for packing and storing your jewellery pieces. You can easily get these boxes from your nearby stores or you can just browse and order them from different websites. Packaging Midlands, for instance, is one such website in the UK from where you can get different types of packaging supplies, such as double wall cardboard boxes and alike at a wholesale rate. Make sure that apart from keeping your jewellery safe and secured from all possible damage, you are also playing a vital role in contributing to the safety of the environment as well by using eco-friendly cardboard boxes. Let us now have a look at some of the cardboard boxes which you can use for packing and storing your jewellery pieces.

Folding carton boxes

Folding carton boxes are the common type of boxes used for packing and storing jewellery pieces. These boxes are versatile and cost-effective. Not just that you can customise these folding carton boxes in different shapes, sizes and designs. As a jewellery owner, you can even use these boxes to promote your brand and sustain in the competitive market. You can even embellish these boxes with custom prints, stamping and embossing not just to promote your brand, but also to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the boxes.

Flip top boxes

Flip top boxes are another kind of jewellery boxes which you can use for packing and storing different types of jewellery pieces. It features a hinged lid which can be opened effortlessly. It is this feature which provides a convenient access to the jewellery inside the box. These boxes are mainly used for storing premium quality and high end jewellery pieces. This further makes the boxes not just functional, but also elegant as well. They are often lined with luxurious fabric like velvet and satin so that the interior of the box looks elegant and luxurious. Not just enhances the aesthetic appeal of the box, rather it also further enhances the value of the jewellery packed inside the box.

Pillow boxes

Pillow boxes are yet another type of jewellery boxes you will find in the market. They have derived their name from the term “pillow” itself, because of its unique shape which resembles just like a pillow. These types of boxes are suitable for storing and preserving jewellery pieces which are small in size, such as rings, earrings, pendants and so on. These boxes are easy to assemble and are a charming option to give jewellery to someone as a gift in these boxes or to use them for retail display. You can even adorn and embellish these boxes with tags, ribbons, custom labels and so on to make the boxes look more aesthetic and artistic.

Book style boxes

Book style boxes resemble the shape and size of the appearance of a book. This kind of box features a cover and spine which can open to reveal the nestled jewellery inside the box. These boxes are unique and distinctive unlike the conventional jewellery boxes you see in the market. They come with magnetic closure, custom artwork and other similar decorative elements. 

Summing up

These are some of the different types of cardboard boxes designed exclusively for jewellery. No matter whichever boxes you prefer, make sure that you use additional packaging materials like a small bubble wrap for small size jewellery and large bubble wrap for large jewellery, kraft paper, foam sheets and alike to provide additional safety to these luxurious and delicate items.