Dark Chocolate Truffle Delights – Everything You Should Know!

Dark chocolate truffle delights are rich, indulgent and a must-try. Read this blog for everything you need to know about this tasty chocolate treat.

Velvety, rich, and indulgent – this is the definition of dark chocolate truffle delights. And oh, how can we forget to call them delightful? After all, as you take a bite of them, your senses are transcended to a flavorful ride of delight. This bite-sized treat is made with tempered chocolate and heavy cream. Rolled into balls and dusted with cocoa powder (usually or say traditionally), this treat satisfies sweet cravings in a way no other treat can. Let’s explore more about dark chocolate truffles.

When Were Dark Chocolate Truffle Delights First Made?

Well, dark chocolate truffle delights are a variation of the traditional chocolate truffles – a French confectionary. They take their name from Truffle mushrooms because they resemble them in shape. Moreover, like every glorious invention, the birth of chocolate truffles was also accidental! A really sweet accident we must say!

A Christmas Invention

We cannot exactly give the credit of this creation to any one person. However, the folklores have reported two chefs as the creators of this delectable treat. The first one is Louis DuFour, a French baker who wanted to impress his clients with an impressive Christmas treat. This event dates back to 1895, in Chambray, France, when he created chocolate ganache and rolled it into spheres. He then dusted them with cocoa powder to make them less sticky and more manageable. And hence a delicacy – chocolate truffle – was invented!

The Accidental Delight

The second event happened in the 1920s. Again, a renowned French chef, Auguste Escoffier, was involved. While working, his pupil accidentally added hot cream to a bowl of chocolate pieces instead of sugar and beaten eggs. He didn’t throw the mixture away. Rather, made it into bite-sized spheres and formed chocolate truffles. 

Did You Know?

 Auguste Escoffier was the one who came up with the term chocolate ganache. When he accidentally poured cream over chocolate, he screamed – GANACHE! It means fool in French. Since then, the mixture of chocolate and heavy cream has been called ganache.


So, you know by now that the history of dark chocolate truffle delights is as rich as the treat itself. Being so delicious, they really live up to their French origin. After all, French pastries are known for their deliciousness.

Are Dark Chocolate Truffle Delights Better Than Other Truffles?

Well, dark chocolate truffles are called so for a reason: they are delightful! These mini pieces contain the intense flavors of dark chocolate and the goodness of cream. Therefore, they taste so yummy and have such a smooth mouthfeel. But are they better than other variations of truffles out there? It totally depends on your taste buds. If you love rich and bitter-sweet flavors, you are going to love dark chocolate truffles. Here are some of the qualities that make them so loved by everyone:

  • Indulgent Flavors

What makes it stand out from the rest of the chocolate truffles – milk chocolate truffles and white chocolate truffles – is their indulgent flavor profile and rich mouthfeel. After all, these dark chocolate truffle delights contain dark chocolate as their base component. And dark chocolate is known for its indulgence and bittersweet flavors. In other words, dark chocolate is the reason why these chocolates exude this flavor profile.

  • Diverse Varieties

Dark chocolate truffle delights come in so many varieties for you to explore. In fact, you can get dark chocolate truffles with a lot of different – exciting – fillings. From caramel to Nutella and even berry purees, the options are endless. And that’s not it! Apart from the filling varieties, there are also a lot of coating options, such as nuts, coconut, and whatnot. In other words, the varieties of dark chocolate truffles offer a heaven of flavors for you to explore.

  • Health Benefits

Yes, we all know chocolate is not just taste-filled but healthy too. But a few of us know that the same is the case with dark chocolate truffle delights! In fact, they are somewhat healthier than other chocolatey treats. It is because they contain dark chocolate. And dark chocolate is popular for its health and nutritional benefits. It’s rich in antioxidants, good for your heart health, and also supports brain function.

Nutritional Value of Dark Chocolate Truffle Delights:

As aforementioned, dark chocolate truffles contain more nutritional benefits than regular ones – all because of its base ingredient. Here is all you should know about its nutrients:

Nutritional Facts for 1 Piece (17.01g)



Total Fat











Can You Make Dark Chocolate Truffle Delights at Home? 

Undoubtedly, the market – both offline and online – has so much to offer when it comes to dark chocolate truffles. You have so much to try. The best ones are those that you get from artisans. I mean, the flavor, the texture, the shape – everything about them is fancy. Those treats are FANCY! And they are a must-try! But did you know you can make them at home too? If you love chocolatey treats and cooking both, this is going to be a worthwhile experience. Here is how you can make them at home:


  • Dark Chocolate

  • Heavy Cream


  • Butter

  • Vanilla Extract



Chop the dark chocolate into small pieces. Next, heat heavy cream until it gets warm. Now, pour the warm cream over the chocolate pieces. Afterward, let them both sit for some minutes until the chocolate matches the temperature of the cream, and then mix them well. Remember, do not mix the chocolate and cream immediately. Moreover, you can add vanilla extract and butter for enhanced taste and texture. When the mixture becomes harmonious, put it in the fridge for about 1-2 hours. After, the mixture/ganache sets, you can roll it into balls and dip or dust it with any topping you want. You can use melted chocolate, cocoa powder, and even nuts. Want to channel your inner innovator? You can even fill the center of truffles with different flavors.